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Wiki 4 City

Welcome at Wiki 4 City, the wiki about city logistics. The goal of this wiki is to provide general information about city logistics and its related concepts. Furthermore, it gives examples from practice related to city logistics.



Urban freight transportation and urban passenger transportation have economic, environmental, and social impacts on urban areas. These impacts lead to unsustainability in cities. The fact that urban freight transportation is still growing emphasizes the importance of city logistics. Many stakeholders are involved in city logistics.

Unsustainability can be reduced by introducing governmental policies. Next to these policies company-driven change can be initiated to reduce the unsustainability as a result of some internal benefit.

Furthermore, the strategic, tactical, and operational issues in designing an urban freight transportation system are described in this wiki. This includes the design of the freight transportation network, the consolidation and coordination opportunities, and the intra-city vehicle routing and scheduling (Vehicle Routing Problem).

In practice multiple projects are carried out related to city logistics.


This wiki is build within the CONCOORD project, an Urban Europe project and is hosted by the Smart Logistics Lab (Eindhoven University of Technology).

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